Welcome to the rockin’ world of being a Headbangers Con volunteer, where your time is worth its weight in metal! Volunteers are an integral part of the success of Headbangers Con, and we appreciate you donating your skills to help us put on the most metal show on earth! You help us create a smooth-running and enjoyable atmosphere for fans, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you have a fun and memorable experience. You will meet new friends, become part of a larger rockin’ community, and hopefully grow with our convention.

Please read the following Volunteer Policies below and request an application after. 

1. What is a volunteer and why do I want to donate my time?

When you volunteer to help at HeadbangersCon you get free admission, swag, food and more perks as trade for your time. With just (1) 8-hour or (2) 4-hour shifts you will get a free WEEKEND PASS to the event. You will also receive a limited collectable lanyard, lunch and snacks, and (1) free photo or autograph with a celebrity (as determined by convention staff)

2. Positions Available

Most volunteers will participate in line control or registration. Some will help with Autograph and Photo Op areas, Children’s events, panel rooms, Green room services, and escorting celebrities. We understand that some positions are more desirable than others, but all are equally important in being the direct representation of HeadbangersCon. We will strive to be as flexible as possible with your desires for certain positions, but it’s also your flexibility which will get noticed most, and may lead to a more serious employed position or return invitation to future event.

3. Dress Code

Although HeadbangersCon is based on Rock-N-Roll culture, it is also a family-friendly event, so proper dressing standards apply. You are a representation of our company, so please dress professionally.

You must wear a HeadbangersCon provided Volunteer shirt. Do not cut off the sleeves or alter it in any way. No flip flops or open-toed shoes. No stupid gangsta low ass-showing jeans. No cosplay attire. 

Hygiene is important. You may not mind your own un-showered smell, but other do. Please bath and try to smell good.

4. Ettiquette

HeadbangersCon has zero tolerance with rudeness, bad attitude or unprofessionalism. If you violate this policy you will be asked to leave immediately and will forfeit all passes and be banned from future events. We expect our volunteers to be courteous, respectful and kind. 

Under no circumstances will you approach any celebrity guests asking them for pictures or autographs. Our celebrity guests need to feel safe and trust the staff to stay professional to ensure their return or referral to other industry guests. If you violate this policy you will be removed from the con immediately and banned from future shows.

If you are approached by fans/attendees with any special requests or questions you don’t know the answers to, please contact your volunteer coordinator or staff immediately. NEVER make any promises or guesses to fans.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR POSITION. You are put in a place/position because you are important there. If you abandon that spot then it could undermine the entire plan and flow of the vent. If you need a break or need to use the restroom please contact your Volunteer Coordinator or staff immediately and we will relieve you until you can return. 

DO NOT TRADE POSITIONS. Please remain at your designated assigned position and do not trade with another volunteer. 

5. Confidentiality

As a volunteer you represent HeadbangersCon. As such, any information that you become aware of regarding the con, its operating procedures or staff is confidential. It may not be discussed, posted on social media, emailed or made public in any way. 




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